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Naisargik Trust was promoted by the group of young social entrepreneurs for meeting the development needs of north Gujarat in the year 1997. The group was lead by the Mr. Prakash Chauhan and ably supported by team and The group was having significant experience in mobilizing communities at the village level particularly women and disadvantage community. After the modest beginning, the trust focused on quality implementation of government programs and schemes with community participation. At present the trust is working with 6347 village community and  70 urban community to meet their development needs. The followings are the major program either implemented or being implemented by the trust for SHG, Health, NRM, Road Safety

Area of Our Development Work

Women Empowerment 

School Awareness 

Road Safety Awareness

Environment Awareness

Health Awareness

Water & Sanitation

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”